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Mar 09, 2013· The sintering technology was originally developed for the purpose of utilizing in the blast furnace the iron ore fines and the iron present in the metallurgical waste of a steel plant. But currently the focus has changed.

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Dec 22, 2014· Outotec Steel Belt Sintering is currently the most efficient and profitable solution available for chromite ore and niobium ore pelletizing. It can also be adapted to handle iron ore…


AND GRANULATION TECHNOLOGY OF RAW MATERIALS FOR IRON ORE SINTERING PROCESS Received – Prispjelo: 2011-04-11 Accepted – Prihvaćeno: 2011-05-10 Preliminary Note – Prethodno priopćenje ISSN 0543-5846 METABK 51(2) 187-190 (2012) UDC – UDK 669.052.051:622.781.785:622.352=111 This paper presents a new technology for preparing the …

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Modeling Sintering Process of Iron Ore 25 Fig. 2. Thermal cycle of the materials in the sinter strand. Several attempts have been done to predict the final properties of the sinter product (Water et al. 1989, Kasai et al. 1989, 1991). The most important parameters are reducibility,

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Outotec Traveling Grate Sintering is suitable for sintering a wide range of raw materials, including iron, manganese and ferronickel, while Outotec Traveling Grate Pelletizing is the industry's leading induration technology for iron ore pellet production which is designed for a wide range of plant capacities and produces uniform pellets with ...

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Progress of Iron Ore Sintering Technology: JIANG Xi 1, PEI Yuandong 2, HAN Hongliang 3: 1. School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering, University of Science and Technology …

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Abstract: This paper deals with the numerical simulation of the new technology of gaseous fuel utilization on the sintering process of iron ore.

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Sinter is the primary feed material for making iron in a blast furnace. Sinter is created by mixing iron ore concentrate with several additives such as limestone and silica to control the chemistry and then igniting it at 1200°C in a continuous belt-fed furnace.

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(1) Flue gas recirculation technology is introduced into the sintering process to comply with the stringent environmental regulations since iron ore sintering plant is the major air pollution in iron and steel industry. A good sinter index can be obtained in the case of …

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Waste gases from iron ore fine preparations for blast furnace ironmaking, or sintering, contain minute quantities of acidic species, dust, and dioxin pollutants, but because of the very large quantities of iron ore processed and the large volume throughput of air involved, sintering is a major source of these emissions and also CO 2 into the ...

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Sintering is a technology for agglomeration of iron ore fines into useful blast furnace burden material. In sintering, a shallow bed of fine particles is agglomerated by heat exchange and partial fusion of the mixed mass. Heat is generated by combustion of solid fuel and mixed with the bed of fines being agglomerated. The

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Iron Ore is the most important raw material needed to produce steel. However, it cannot be used directly in the blast furnace. That is why sinter is created that helps converting iron into steel. Rashmi Metaliks has its own Sinter Plant set up at 2007 to have a complete control over the quality of materials used in the steel production process.

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Regions in which iron ore has formed over millions of years (e.g. through volcanism) and can be mined economically are also referred to as iron ore deposits. Especially many ore deposits can be found in countries such as China, Australia, Brazil, India and Russia. These countries account for around 85 % of the total global iron ore mining volume.

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The iron blast furnace is the most widely used and efficient producer of liquid iron; however, emissions from sintering and coking cause environmental pressure for the integrated steel works. The combustion of coke fines (breeze) during sintering contributes to greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide) and is a source of SO x and NO x emissions.

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Sintering is a process by which a mixture of iron ores, fl uxes and coke is agglomerated in a sinter plant to manufacture a sinter product of a suitable composition, quality and granulometry to be ...

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With an ore body 4km long, 80m thick and reaching a depth of 2km, LKAB's Kiruna is the world's largest, most modern underground iron ore mine. Since mining began at the site over 100 years ago, Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB (LKAB) has produced over 950Mt of ore, yet only one-third of the original ore body has been extracted.

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Sintering is a thermal agglomeration process that is applied to a mixture of iron ore fines, recycled ironmaking products, fluxes, slag-forming agents, and solid fuel (coke). The purpose of the sintering process is manufacturing a product with the suitable characteristics (thermal, mechanical, physical and chemical) to be fed to the blast furnace.

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Ji Z. et al. (2019) Emission Profile of PM 10 and PM 2.5 in Iron Ore Sintering Process and Control Technology. In: Jiang T. et al. (eds) 10th International Symposium on High-Temperature Metallurgical Processing. The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series. Springer, Cham. First Online 13 February 2019

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Apr 02, 2020· Iron ore sintering is a type of powder metallurgy used to pre-treat iron before using it in manufacturing applications. Sintering involves heating iron powder to partially, but not completely, melt the iron particles. The exact process used and additional elements involved vary, with some methods using gas or electricity in addition to heat.

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Apr 02, 2010· Like other sintering processes, iron ore sintering converts iron ore fines of often − 8 mm sizing into larger agglomerates, namely, sinter, between 5 and 50 mm particle size, which possess the physical and metallurgical characteristics and gas permeability required for efficient blast furnace operation. As shown in Figure 14.1, iron ore sintering is carried out in three stages: raw material ...

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May 10, 2016· Iron ore sinter and sinter making Part 1 - Duration: ... Iron ore pellets and their production Part 2 - Duration: ... Technology Video of CSIR-NML, Jamshedpur 6,085 views.

Behaviour of New Zealand ironsand during iron ore sintering

Although the effect of introducing titanomagnetite into iron ore blends has been investigated [1,,2, §],little is known about the detailed sintering mechanism. The present study is aimed at identifying the sintering behaviour of New Zealand ironsand as well as the interaction between New Zealand ironsand and CaO to gain better understanding of ...


iron ore pellets EUROPE LKAB is the EU's largest iron ore producer and mines around 76 PERCENT of all iron ore in the EU 90% of LKAB's revenue comes from pellet sales LKAB is one of Sweden's oldest industrial companies and has customer relationships dating back more than a century 125 YEARS 4,500 Around 4,500 employees in total

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Anthracite coal as fuel for iron ore sintering is compared with coke breeze. Anthracite is lower in porosity, higher in density, and slower in combustion rate. With higher proportion of anthracite in fuel, permeability of sinter bed tends to decrease resulting in lower sinter productivity.

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Sintering is a thermal agglomeration process that is applied to a mixture of iron ore fines, recycled ironmaking products, fluxes, slag-forming agents and solid fuel (coke).

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Oct 19, 2016· The sintering technology is basically an agglomeration process for the iron ore fines which is dependent on heat to melt the surface of the smaller particles together to form larger agglomerates. A typical sinter plant consists of a number of sequential operating units with the sinter machine at the heart of the plant.

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During the iron ore sintering process, the loose raw materials, mixtures of fine ore, limestone flux and coke breeze, are converted into a porous but physically strong cake, which is generally composed of four main phases: iron oxides, ferrites, most of which are a complex silico-ferrite of calcium and aluminum (SFCA), glasses and dicalcium silicate.

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Iron ore sintering is an important source of "dioxins", polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs). This paper reports on attempts to identify materials, conditions, and mechanisms responsible for PCDD/F formation (i) by investigating salient properties of ores (viz., with respect to oxidation, condensation, and chlorination of model organics) and (ii) by mimicking the ...

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